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All products are made in USA and are third party lab tested. 

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We utilize 99.9% Pure Hemp CBD Isolate for all are products, grown in Colorado, that means less than 0.3% THC, below the legal limit in all 50 states.

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Shirey Keene Story

Shirey Keene Story

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I suffer from fibromyalgia, endometriosis and arthritis and been using various other CBD products which sometimes work but mostly discouraged from the limited products. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Belle Sante’ Health products and all the assortment options and will only use their products as I completely trust the owners and staff whole heartedly as they understand pain and pain management! THANK YOU for helping me with my pain management regiment, letting me purchase before your grand opening, various options to choose from, taking the time to answer my many questions and for your professionalism as well as your knowledge! Thank you again 🙏🏻

Rachael Schmidt

Bella Sante Health was recommended by a family friend, let me say I had a few reservation at first, did it work? Would it help? My mother suffers from severe back pain and chronic arthritis, after a few days of application of the Bella CBD rub my mother's pain level decrease and she was more functional in her day to day activities as to before she couldn't move most days as the pain was unbearable. I highly recommend Bella Sante products by far the best pain relief treatment.
Thank you Bella Sante Health.

Ermalinda Washington

I give the CBD water soluble for pets of 1000 mg 2 times a day to my 12 year old Giant Schnauzer and it has help him tremendously. He was in pain before my Vet recommended that I talked to his assistant about CBD. Lynne told me how much do give him and I think it is according to his weight and size. She can guide you. He now can move around without much pain. I also use the face cream and my face looks good and the product makes my skin feel so soft. I highly recommend both products.

Camille Herbst

I have had heart issues, high cholesterol, and anxity all my life. I have even had several heart attacks. I have been on statins and other harsh medications with horrific side effects! Then I found Bella Sante' Health and started on there Cinnamon CBD oil 3,000mg. I am now thankfully off all  prescription medications, to the amazement of my doctors! Without taking this product daily, I literally think I would have died! The staff at Bella Sante’ Health is beyond awesome, knowledgeable and helpful! I can’t thank you enough for literally saving my life! Lore

Lore Hannon

I don't normally bother with reviews, but in this case I felt compelled to let the world know about these wonderful products, the knowledgeable staff and my entirely positive experience! I suffer from extreme migraines and nothing helps quite like these salves do. When I feel a migraine/headache coming on I simply rub the salve into into my temples/forehead and it quickly stops the pain. I don't how, but it's magic, and it works! Now I use the salve on any body pain with the same great results! I also love the Orange Blossom Face Cream. It smells so good and has really helped clear up my skin. I was so impressed with those products I decided to be brave and try the cbd oil. It takes a little time to work out how much was just right dose for me, but once I did, I have found to be more "grounded". I don't  know how to explain it other than a new calmness in my attitude. Basically I feel less stressed! With all the cbd stores popping up everywhere I felt it was very important to find a company that knows what they are doing, and with Bella Sante Health I have found that! The owners come from an extensive medical background and all the product's are made with the highest quality ingredients. They take the time to listen to your needs and truly care for you! I had a million questions and they were happy to answer them all. They truly care and know their product's and that's why I highly recommend them!

Allie Schock

I began using Bella Sante's Health oil in June 2019, as I had been reading how it could help with thyroid issues. I had the left lobe of my thyroid removed 12 years ago due to a large benign nodule. The right lobe has 2 benign nodules on it that are monitored closely. An ultrasound in July 2019 showed the 2 nodules actually shrunk in size (and have only always grown slightly up to this point). This is only after being on the CBD for about a month! Additionally, the ultrasound that was done in January showed some micro-calcifications on the thyroid, where the one I had done in July showed none! I was amazed at these results! I will definitely continue using it! :)

Lori Peabody

With the proliferation of CBD products, and everybody out to profit on that popularity, I really worried about getting a high quality product that actually works as advertised, especially when buying online! Before committing to any purchases from Bella Sante Health, I did some digging and found that all of their products are formulated by two reputable scientists whose day jobs are in the pharmaceutical research industry. The owner's are also athletes with previous injuries who wanted pain relief without narcotics. I personally have a stubborn three-year old hip injury from a cycling accident. I have tried everything imaginable to reduce my pain level. I started using Bella Sante's Herbal Arnica Green Tea & Aloe Cream, 500 mg, which takes the edge off the pain. I do plan on bumping up the dosage so I can be totally pain free. As a bonus, this salve has a very pleasant smell, unlike the Tiger Balm that I had been using. Living in the desert, my skin is very dry. Just last week I began using the Orange Blossom Face Cream. This cream makes my face and neck smooth, without being greasy, and lasts all day long. I have tried numerous facial products over the years, drug store products to dermatology products, and those face creams would not keep my face moist. This product also has an extremely nice fragrance. I highly recommend this company and their products! Not to mention their outstanding customer service!

Joyce Howard

Bella Sante' Health was very knowledgeable and very helpful with assisting me to pick just the right product for my needs. I chose the Arnica Cocoa Mint Cream based on the recommendations from Bella Sante' and I couldn't be happier. The cream has helped tremendously! The experience has been great from beginning to end and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Polly Vaughan