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Gringo, A Tail Wags Once More!

This is the story of Gringo, the friendly dog. Not too long ago, he went into the vet to get a lump on his ear looked at. After testing, it turned out to be, thankfully, nothing more than a non-cancerous, fatty tumor and a return appointment was set up to have it removed.
Prior to going back to the vet, he was a vibrant, strong and happy dog who went on daily walks with his owner and played with his sibling. A person who loved him beyond words, daily walks & play time? He had thelife!
When it came time to head to his appointment, he happily jumped in the jeep and off they went. He was having a simple surgery. Remove the fatty tumor and come home, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, that was not the case. When his owner went to pick him up, he was completely paralyzed in his rear end; all he could do was try and scoot. His owner was beyond devastated, as any pet lover would be if their baby was injured. They are our family! 

Needless to say, she called me in tears! Fearing the worst, she thought she may have to put her beloved Gringo down. I told her let's not jump to conclusions. I called my partner, a surgical veterinary assistant, and we put our heads together.
We told her to start him on CBD 3 times a day, and to try and keep him as still as possible for the first week so he wouldn't do any more damage, while allowing time for any swelling around his spinal cord to go down. Of course, with a large pit bull, this meant a ton of work and clean up from his owner. But she loves him so much it didn't matter!
We came up with a physical therapy routine; massage, heating pads and slow rotations of each leg two times a day. After each session she gave him CBD to help reduce the swelling and pain, lubricate his joints and keep his anxiety at bay. We also suggested a dose at night before bed, as that’s when the body does its best recovery!
In the second week she added swim therapy and utilized a towel to help him stand on his rear legs, slowly working them to help rebuild the muscle. Both of these allowed for movement without Gringo having to hold up his own weight up.
Around the three-week mark, he slowly began to come around! It started with the wag of a tail; a fantastic sign that he wasn't completely paralyzed! Step by step, and little by little, he was finally becoming his old self!
He is now able to walk and get up on his own, and even though he isn't quite ready for those long walks around the neighborhood yet, his future looks bright! Gringo has the fight and soul it took to come back. Mix this with the love and compassion of his owner/mom, and his daily CBD regimen, and you have the recipe for success. This is pretty much what we could call something that is nothing short of a miracle!

When his owner sent me this last video, I must say I was brought to tears! Having pets/family members of my own, I knew her pain. To see the results & get the phone calls & videos on how we have helped to change Gringo's life truly warms our hearts! Plant power & the use of nature's medicine is the base of who we are as a Southern Arizona company, and stories like this are the reason we do what we do! So, keep going Gringo, we can't wait to see you out on your daily walks again soon!
**A huge thank you to Gringo and his owner for sharing their story and results with us, and please know, that we will continue to be here by your side for the remainder of his recovery!
The Bella Sante' team
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