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CBD in Tucson | My Story

Are looking for CBD in Tucson? You've found the right place! Here’s my story. It's one of many behind Bellas Santa Health CBD products for wellness, based right here in Southern Arizona.

Finding old photos is a funny thing. On one hand it takes you right back to that moment in time. On the other, it allows you to see exactly what you have overcome!

Six years ago, I was able to start again walking without a cane. Channel 13 News, here in Southern, Arizona filmed my first Tucson Rodeo parade! I was so excited, and even though I knew I would hurt and not be able to move for a week afterwards, I wanted nothing more than to get out there and be creative!

Looking back at this photo, I find myself not even knowing who that person was. I knew she was grateful to be walking and alive but I truly have no idea who she was. I don't recognize her at all. All I can think is wow, what a difference six years, a lot of rehabilitation, and CBD make!

I spent 16 years of my life in bed living through a TV. That's how I traveled the world, went out for New Year's and enjoyed the mountains or beaches. I went through surgery after surgery. Debilitating depression and pain had me contemplating ending my own life. Though thoroughly drained at times, I clawed my way back to the world of the living where I felt somewhat normal and could finally walk again.

From wheelchair to walker to cane. Too many surgeries to count. A rolodex of doctors, physical therapy establishments, pain management clinics and so much more. It took me another six years working hard to train my brain to tell my left leg to move so I could walk again. I slowly started to get back to my old self with the tremendous help and support of my family.

Between cycling and CBD products, I started my life over again. Both helped save my life. In turn, I’ve met so many inspiring people! With my awesome team at Bella Sante' Health, I get to help others looking for CBD in Tucson, and across Arizona and the United States. It warms my heart beyond words.

It is not easy for me to share ”before photos,” as I felt like an empty shell of a person. 

So I encourage you to keep going. Life does get better if you keep the faith and work hard every day. Your life is purposeful even if at times you have to pull back the drapes to see the sliver of light. If you're inspired by my story and seeking CBD in Tucson, please reach out to Bella Sante Health. We are here to help, and I know your story will inspire us. 
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