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Anxiety attacks

My business partner Lynne Hernandez suffers from extreme anxiety. She actually called me the other day and said our CBD literally saved her life and asked that I blog about it.

She was hyperventilating, spinning, her heart was pounding out of her chest and she literally felt like she was having a heart attack! It left her utterly debilitated. Every nerve in her body was going crazy! She felt helpless and like she needed to go to the hospital.

The first thing she did was take a double dose of her CBD. She went and laid back down. With in minutes here breathing returned to normal. Her heart was within a normal range & she finally felt like she could function again.

Anxiety attacks are no joke! Attacks can be sudden, usually consisting of intense and overwhelming fear! It often feels like you are detached from your own body or mind. In this situation, people often feel that the world has become less real, vague, and dreamlike. It is often described as if they are on the outside of looking in.

Anxiety attacks normally occur in people who have high stress levels. Whether it be from a job, relationship, every day life stress and more.

Sometimes a person can feel an attack coming on. Some symptoms are:
*Involves physical symptoms, such as a racing heart.

*Some people get upset stomachs. Sometimes throwing up or just churning in the stomach.

*Worry and apprehension


*Sleep problems

*Difficulty concentrating

*Extreme Irritability


*Feeling pressure and hurried

*Tension in the head or neck


*Nausea or diarrhea


*Tightness in the throat and. difficulty breathing.

*Trembling or shaking

*Feeling faint

*Not wanting to leave the house or socialize.

Some or all of these symptoms can go along with having Anxiety attacks. Anxiety can effect holding down a job, visiting family, laving the house, socializing or just doing every day tasks.

We can help you! Two of our best treatments for anxiety are either our Cinnamon or Mint oils or our water soluble CBD that you can utilize in any flavored drink. With these products you can keep your baseline of CBD in your body at all times and when you have an attack or feel one coming on, simply take more that day. Be sure to keep a journal for the first month of using our products as everyone is different and has a different metabolism. Writing your dose down on good and bad day's will help you to find the perfect dossage for your body! We hope this helps you to better understand anxiety and the best products for you!

Questions, we are always here for you to help you with any problems you may have. To talk about your individual needs and how to use our products! Here's to having no more anxiety! Thank you from the Bella Sante' Team!
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