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Autism and CBD

While no drug can cure Autism, the core symptoms of Autism, which may include communication challenges, sensory dysfunction, and restricted, repetitive behaviors and out bursts. It has been found that CBD can however, help to alleviate disorders associated with Autism. Things like not sleeping, weight gain, epilepsy, anxiety, and overall stress.

For example, the use of CBD oil may cause better sleep and lower anxiety (which can reduce aggressive behaviors), fewer seizures (which can lessen stress and make it easier to interact socially), and lower anxiety to make it easier to learn and use social communication skills.

Sleeplessness and aggression are particularly difficult symptoms for parents, who can quickly find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed. Aggression, in particular, is one of the most challenging behaviors common to Autism. This is especially hard to handle as the child gets bigger and stronger. Often times, this is a reason a parent may be forced to place their child with Autism in an institutional setting. Not because they don't love them, but because they are now getting hurt and can no longer handle the rage outbursts.

New research findings:

A few large studies have explored CBD and the impact it has on children with Autism. Unfortunately however, none to date have explored it's impact on adults that are on the spectrum. One of the largest studies was in Israel. The report concluded with the following findings:

*The Ministry of Health in 2014 began providing licenses for the treatment of children with epilepsy. Upon seeing the results of CBD treatment on symptoms like panic attacks, anxiety, aggression, tantrums and self-injury in children with epilepsy. Several parents of severely autistic children have turned to medical CBD for some sort of relief dealing with  Autism. 

The study results were very encouraging. Majority of the children involved had improvement in anxiety attacks, anger management, uncontrolled outbursts and hyperactivity.

They also found (and perhaps as a result), saw significant improvements in sleep, social communication, extreme outbursts and or self-injury. The tremendous bonus was the fact that there were very few side effects, and those that did appear were very mild. Sleepiness was one and when first starting some loose bowel movements.

Some additional studies have provided similar results: CBD has proved to be helpful in a majority of cases in behavioral issues and lessening emotional outbursts even helping to improve social and communication skills in both children and adults. These preliminary findings, along with the low incidence of significant side effects, are extreamly encouraging, especially for parent's who are struggling watching their loved one with this disease. For now, studies are ongoing in clinics and research centers around the world.We hope soon to have more definitive information and data.

* Before you try CBD:

*With all of the positive findings for CBD and the low risk associated with it, it makes sense to try using it with your child with Autism  (or trying it yourself if you are an adult with Autism). Please make sure before buying a bottle of CBD oil, to follow these steps:

*Check with your child's, or your doctor to make sure CBD is a good fit for your individual situation.

*Research that the company you choose provides test sheets, is licensed and can answer all your questions.

*Start a journal to be sure you have baseline information about your child's (or your own) behaviors and symptoms prior to use so that you can make a useful comparison before and after using CBD. And continue to use that journal while using CBD. Note the highs, lows, if you need more or less CBD etc. This will help you to find the right dosage as everyone has a different metabolism.

*Start with lower doses. You can always go up & they are more easily tolerated by the body. Also, again! REMEMBER TO JOURNAL! This is a key factor in the CBD working effectively as everyone has a different metabolism and everyone reacts to medications in different ways.

*Not all CBD is the same! So please do your research! Only go with  the highest quality CBD.

We hope this helps you and you take it upon yourself to really do your own investigating prior to choosing what's best for you or your child.

The Bella Sante' Team

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