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CBD and the benefits it has for your animals.

Have you ever wanted to help your animal's and felt helpless? They are family & we want them to be around a long time! CBD helps support a better quality of life for them. CBD can be used to help small animals who have separation issues, pain swelling, anxiety, hip dysplasia, cancer, high blood pressure, aches & pains of getting older and so much more! We have a client who came into our partner's place of business and could barely walk. It was a giant schnauzer. He was on all types of harsh meds and nothing seemed to be helping. At the urging of their vet, they were told to try CBD as it was a much more natural way to try to combat the issues at hand. *Desperate, the owner started her beloved dog on CBD twice a day. With in a week she saw a huge difference! The dog who could barely walk and was always shaking started to move more freely and without shaking all over!
*The next time out partner Lynne saw the dog, she to was amazed! She said he walked right in wagging his tail. Moving freely and in seemingly no pain!
*They have now been using the product for 4 moths!
*They have taken him off all the harmful meds.
*They have switched totally to our pure plant based CBD.
Knowing that as fur baby parent's we now have a natural way to help our four legged family members eases our minds and finally gives us a choice in bettering their health! Amazing results! This client uses our 1,000 mg as the dog is large it needs a higher milligram water soluble CBD and put 6 drops a.m. & p.m. into a pocket snack.

We have our own little terrier mix that we rescued off the streets after someone literally dumped her. We took her in and had a full vet check done. She seemed to be a healthy happy puppy. As she grew we noticed that she was having extreme hip issues and was always in pain. After trying regular meds and not seeing much of a result, we started her on 500 mg bacon CBD drops morning and night.
* She now can go on longer walks & plays with her toy's again!
* She no longer whimpers in pain after walks and she loves chasing her little brother. She is also extremely fearful of loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks. This past New Year's eve we gave her CBD and it kept her anxiety down! In fact she slept right through all the fireworks! We are so happy to see her feeling so good!
It warms my heart that we are now able to help our fur babies to feel as good as we do!
We have peanut butter & bacon CBD oil in 500mg & 1,000mg. We also have water solusoluble (put in treats) We also have salves & lotions to help with direct muscle & joint pain.
*I have had several people use our salves on larger pets for tendon issues, swelling and healing sores. Our oils can be used on everything from Guinea pigs to horses! Just ask us about dosage. Most animals are 1 drop per 10 pounds.
*Please note that like CBD for humans, our CBD products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases in pets.

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