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Chronic Kidney disease:

Although CBD has not been shown to cure kidney disease, it has been proven to be a safer than synthetic drug's to help relieve some symptoms related to the disease. There has been research performed to show that CBD does not cause any damage to the kidneys, makes it a promising alternative to harmful opioids and anti-inflammatories currently being used to treat the disease. Some of the symptoms below show how CBD can help in a vast array of areas.

*CBD helps reduce the pain induced with a kidney flare up. The antiimflamitory properties help the kidneys reduce swelling therefore easing the intense pain and giving the individual some relief.

* CBD helps with the extreme fatigue those who suffer with Kidney disease often battle. It helps give a restful nights sleep allowing the body to better fight the disease. When the body is rested it has the ability to fight ailments even better.

*Swelling is a huge issue with kidney disease. When they are not functioning properly they can no longer get rid of fluid in the body. Therefore the body begins to retain fluids. CBD is extremely helpful in this area as it reduces swelling that builds up in the extremities and stomach area. Relief from the swelling allows the organs to function with more ease.

*Nausea: Most people fighting this disease become extremely nauseous. The body can no long get rid of excess waste. Therefore a person can start to feel nauseous and beging vomiting. CBD calms nausea. It helps act as a natural flora in the body. Think of eating yogurt, it replenishes the good and help's take away the bad.

*With build up happening in the body people can start getting a metalic taste in their mouth. CBD helps to level those tastes out. It helps with the bad breath as well especially when used on a person's tooth brush to brush gums and teeth on a daily basis. The mint or cinnamon CBD oil is best for this.

*Rashes can begin along with itchy skin as the body is rebelling against itself. CBD creams, lotions, and salves can be used topically to treat the skin and help stop the itching. Just like with normal skin conditions, CBD as a topical eases pain, swelling and itching of abnormal skin conditions. Especially those containing the other properties such as green tea, aloe and arnica.

*Leg and lower back pain can be experienced during kidney disease. This can be from various sources. Most being kidney stones. CBD has been proven to help reduce all over body pain, nerve surges and back pain. Helping to block receptors that feel pain.

* In short, CBD can help in various ways to ease the side effects of Kidney disease. From pain and swelling to nausea and skin conditions all without doing any further damage to the kidneys and while staying away from harsh chemicals and medications such as opioids and anti-inflammatories.
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