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From hell & back & how CBD changed my entire life!

I'm not sure why, but this week I have had several people who have reached out to me because I told my story. At first I didn't want to. I have posted a couple times thing's I went through in a couple posts, the story about The Loop has been playing on TV here in Tucson, Az. plays every now and then and then my sweet brother Bo sent me this first picture & told me he was proud of me! Made me cry! So far I have had 6 people tell me they didn't commit suicide because they came across my story. I have had to many people to count tell me I have inspired them to change their lives because I told my story. I am so very thankful every day to have found CBD & to now be able with my partners to offer it to you! It truly has given me my life back! I can move! I don't hurt all the time anymore! I am beyond thankful & blessed! So EVERYONE has a story! I encourage you to tell yours! You never know who you may help! And I am always here if anyone needs to talk. Live your life! Each day is a blessing. Inspire other's! And most of all, be kind! You never know what people are secretly going through! And remember to always tell the people you love that you LOVE them! Hug them, appreciate them! I am an open book. You can talk to me or ask me anything! Love, light and a beautiful life to you all!

This is a small excerpt of my story I put on Facebook. I am now sitting at 17,539 miles. My three year anniversary of cycling was on June 26th, 2019. I have also had the honor of being chosen as a Liv Ambassador for Bicycle Ranch Tucson & I am now Bicycle Ranch Tucson's Ambassador. So now I spend my spare time inspiring other's to reach their goals and getting more women and men on bikes!
Well today marks three year Anniversary since I started cycling and tracking with Strava! I wanted to share a portion of my story to maybe help even one person! When I first started I could only go 3 miles and thought I would die! With all my extensive medical problems and numerous neck and back surgeries, surgeries that left me me in a wheel chair for 3 years and a walker and cane for 12 years. ( also gaining up to almost 300 pounds because I couldn't move) after being a normal size most my of my life and showing horses actively for 22 years, I ended up almost every day unable to move and confined to bed I began to gain weight and lost almost all my muscle mass.I have degenerative disc and bone disease and had no idea because I was adopted. I never knew to look out for this! On Christmas day after working our business (a boarding kennel for dogs and cats), I went to sit down for a few minutes just to rest before serving Christmas dinner when we all heard a huge bang! Tears were rolling down my face and I couldn't move. I was immediately taken to the hospital. I had shattered two discs in my lower back severing the nerve to my left leg leaving it paralized (I still have no feeling in it & no use of it. It moves because I clip it in, hence why I call myself the one legged cycle chick). At 29 years old I was told I would never walk again! From there I continued to blow out discs, so over several surgeries they put all neopriem discs in my neck and back, titanium H cages in my neck and back and fused me in my neck and back! I am the bionic woman!!!! It seams like it took forever, but I did it! I have battled TB, blood clots on my liver and lungs, pulminary embolism, torsion of my intestines (They had to take out 6-8 inches to save my life, the same thing my birth mother died of at age 45), I was on 18 medications 5 times a day, 4 that were class 5 narcotics, ended up on the liver transplant list because the meds shut my liver down. With our new CBD business and a stable regiment of CBD I have been able to get off all but two meds & one of those is a nerve med for my leg that doesn't work! I have battled Lichens disease, Valley Fever, blood & INR issues, burst gal bladder, concussions, busted ear drums, extreme nerve pain throughout my body, pneumonia and so much more I can't even type! I can't even begin to tell you how many hospital stays I have had! Sadly, I was in so much pain I held a gun to my head for over an hour. I am NOT proud of it, but I hurt so bad and felt I had NO LIFE! The only thing that stopped me was the thought of my little boy or husband finding me and what that would do to them! But each day above ground is a true blessing! Cycling has saved my life!!!! When I first started I said I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ride on the streets, ride at night, clip in, ride hills, and a big NO to ever riding Mt. Lemmon!!!! Now I have done it 3 times! Then I met these crazy, wonderful, outstanding people who pushed me. So, I then decided to make all of the thing's I said I would NEVER do my goals!!!! I am proud to say I have done every one of them and then some!!!!! Now I am inspiring other's to reach their goals! I even entered my first El Tour de Tucson 3 years ago and finished! Last year I did the 103 & made good time. I have done the Hotter Than Hell 100 in Texas with my fastest time ever. I have signed up to to the 103 mile El Tour de Tucson again this year. I have completed other races as well! The only goal I did not make was in my first year, I wanted to ride 5,000 miles before my 1 year cycle birthday. Sadly because of some medical issues that I went through I missed it by just a little. I made it 4,713 miles. But that is okay! I am beyond proud that I am on two wheels, not four! I have gone fom 8 miles an hour to around 15 cycling with one leg. I ride anywhere from 130-200 miles a week now and I am working hard to get even better! I have even taken up mountain biking! I can't wait to see what this next year brings! Always remember to Live, Laugh and Love!!! Life is short!Setting goals for this next year right Now! I hope this inspires someone to get out and move and make the best of what life hands you. Every day on a bike is a great day! 
I am proud to say I have checked off A mountain, Mt. Lemmon, Madera Canyon, Kitt peak, the VIP night ride and so much more! I am looking forward to the 103 mile El Tour de Tucson this year! I am now sitting at 16,764 miles and counting!

Shirey "Shy" Keene 
Bicycle Ranch Tucson Ambassador 

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