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Lore Hannon: Client story

Lore has been through it all. She is a super athletic and vibrant individual who enjoys life to the fullest. She works full time in the veterinary industry and loves dock diving with her cattle dogs on her day's off.

Unfortunately Lore has suffered and recovered from three heart attacks! All prior to becoming our client at Bella Sante' CBD LLC a little over 6 months ago. Her cholesterol was sky high for year's and she had battled it valiantly with numerous pharmaceutical medications. Despite all the medication's she could never get her cholesterol below 200! Tired of being on so many synthetic drug's, she wanted to turn to something healthier for her. That is when she turned to Bella Sante'. She with the use of our 3,000 mg CBD oil 2 to 3 times a day is finally in the low 190's on her cholesterol! Her doctor's are simply amazed! She is also off all her statins! She is on very few medications now!

Lore also suffered with extreme anxiety to the point of being debilitating. She had a hard time at work and focusing on normal daily tasks. She has now found it much easier to do her job, focus and her overall enjoyment of life has changed for the better. Even her co-workers have noticed a drastic difference. She is happy and filled with energy.

With all her body was going through she was having issues sleeping as well. By taking her evening dose of CBD oil 15 minutes prior to going to bed, she is finally getting a full nights rest! We don't have to tell you that a good night's sleep alone can help with overall health and wellness.

The best thing of all is she has made a 180 when it comes to her health. Her heart is doing great, her anxiety is under control and she is sleeping once again. We are so proud to be a small part of her health and wellness care plan!

Congratulations Lore on the many strides you have made and we are so very thankful that you are still here with us all! You have so much living left to do! And we plan to be a huge part of your life! You rock girl! Don't ever stop living life to the fullest!

The Bella Sante' Team
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