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We are here for you!

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We have all entered uncharted waters. With Covid 19 all of our lives have been uprooted. The rug has literally been pulled out from under our feet leaving many of us feeling lost, lonely and disoriented.
People are not only loosing their job's, businesses and more. They are experiencing heightened anxiety, stress levels and pain. We all feel at Bella Sante' the best way we can help you all at this moment is to try to provide you with the very best quality products to help keep the anxiety, depression and pain at bay. To do our part we are offering a 30% off ALL PRODUCTS in an effort to help you, our valued customer's, family members and friends.

It is a scary time for so many people. We don't want you to think you are alone in that! We understand that people are going through in some instances the worst time in their lives.

It can be depressing to not see friends and family. Sadly it can be a slippery slope into a deeper depression and for anxiety to rear it's ugly head. We understand! We are all in this together. And together we can make it through these uncertain times.

Finding thing's to occupy your time like drawing, reading or doing home improvements are just a few thing's that can keep your mind at ease. Skype a friend to keep up connections with the outside world! Expending pent up energy with exercise and getting sunshine can be good for your soul elevating your endorphins!

Above all, we want you to know we are here for you! We want to help in any way we can. Even if you just need someone just to talk to we are here for you! We are going through this with you and we are feeling the the pressure as well. All of us just want everything to get back to normal! To see our friends and family thriving, healthy, and interacting with hugs abounding!

Until then we all need to do our part to pull together and stay safe! Give one another a helping hand. Find ways to lift our spirits and keep our immune system's up.

We choose to put only positivity into the world! We ask that everyone be kind to one another. Maybe this is a chance to simply hit the reset button on our super hectic lives and get back to the basics of what is really important! Our families, friends, health and the simple pleasures of life! Walk outside and admire the beautiful flower's in bloom. Enjoy a family sit down dinner. Soak in our beautiful sunshine or simply sit and watch the sun set. Whatever it is, take the time to enjoy it! Life is so very short. We need to remember to take each moment and enjoy it before it becomes a memory.

Through it all, good or bad. Know that we will be here for you! May blessings abound and may you stay in good health! We want to take a moment to truly thank all first responders & all those who are essential to keeping our world running during this chaos. We wholeheartedly appreciate your hard work and sacrifices! Please stay safe!

The Bella Sante' team

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