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Why it's so important to journal when first starting CBD:

Keeping a CBD journal is a great way to help you maximize the power of and your CBD consumption, particularly if you’re utilizing CBD as part of your wellness or medical regimen.

*Why is it so important?
First, it makes it easier to keep track of exactly what you have taken & how much. Have you had a bad day and had to take a little extra CBD? Or did you have a great day and didn't have to take as much.With a journal, you can simply flip back and reference what you have tried and on good or bad day's, and how you did with it.

* Everyone metabolizes CBD differently, so this will help make it easier to see patterns. Perhaps you’re experiencing more pain and need to take an extra dose mid day. Or you feel great and you can back off the amout of CBD on your good day's. Unless you write those things down over the course of several weeks, it can be hard to decipher those connections.

* Keep in mind no matter what you need to keep a baseline of CBD in your body at all times. That is a daily dose. This is how CBD works the best!

*Furthermore, you’ll have a record that you can go over with your doctor if need be. They might, with mote objective eyes, see things that you may miss, which can help them modify their recommendations to better suit your personal experiences.

*Sleep, how many hours of sleep are you getting? Are you sleeping straight through or waking several times a night? Did you know you can take a dose 15 minutes prior to going to bed? Sublingualy is the best way. Turn off all social media and relax!
Once you get this routine down, you will sleep so much better!

*Try to record all the same items every single day. You might not need to record everything that we’ve listed here—these are just suggestions. A CBD health & wellness journal is something that’s exclusively yours, so feel free to modify it as you go.
It is a great tool to look back and reference what you took and why! This goes the same for your pets taking CBD!
Share your experiences and advice in the comments!

*Finally, journaling is good for your overall health. Studies have found that journaling helps to improve self-confidence, hone communication skills, and even increase your IQ!
Happy journaling!

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