Doctor Recommended! Med Spa approved, in Acupuncture facilities & Recommended by Veterinarian's!

Bella Sante' Health Brand Ambassador / Jennifer Regan

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be an Ambassador for the amazing company, Bella Sante' Health! I love helping others overcome their wellness struggles and want to help people to find a better alternative for healthcare, wellness and beauty! That is the core of what Bella Sante' Health is all about! 

I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, raised with southern values with a badass motivational attitude. I love to stay fit, while motivating others! I am a huge care taker by trade. Always willing to lend an ear or come running to help anyone when they need it the most. Almost everyone I meet would say that I give off an uplifting energy that would turn anyone’s day around. I’m also a huge animal lover! I have an extreme passion for rescuing stranded doggos. If I see a stray, I don’t hesitate to pull over and scoop them up. I just love those fur-babies!  I work hard with shelters and networking to find these lost souls a forever home!

I am a nature enthusiast! So, you’ll always see me outdoors jitterbugging around, meeting new people and  keeping those positive vibes and feels flowing. I also love to help small business owners promote their business and stay positive! Especially in these uncertain time's! I can't wait to see where this new journey takes me! Let the fun begin & the good time's roll!