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Bella Sante' Health Owner / Lynne Hernandez

One day you will tell your story of how you've overcome what you are going through now. And it will become a part of someone else’s Survival Guide.

My story begins with severe neck pain and progressive lower back pain. In 2010, I was referred to a rheumatology specialist. It was there that they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I was treated with Peroxecam and Gabapentin for the pain and neuropathy. These medications had an extreme adverse effect on my body, giving  me a bleeding ulcer in my stomach. 

I immediately stopped taking the medication even though I was suffering through severe pain and feeling hopeless. I spiraled and ended up having extreme panic attacks and severe anxiety due to the overwhelming pain I was enduring.

I pressed forward each day through the bouts of pain, anxiety and panic attacks, feeling helpless. I finally convinced my general practitioner to refer me for an MRI targeting my neck and lower back area. I knew deep down that there was so much more going on in my body than just fibromyalgia and an ulcer.

My MRI results showed degenerative disc disease and severe bulging disks. I was then referred to a pain management doctor and received deep tissue, and cervical trigger point injections. They guide these injections with ultrasound and a computer into the lower lumbar area. Unfortunately these injections are only good for some relief and for me it was only 2 weeks.

I was then informed that I could have them every 4 weeks. These are extremely costly and painful injections, and for what? To wear off in 2 weeks? No thank you! By this time I was feeling utterly hopeless and beyond overwhelmed with pain. However like most people, I had a job that I had to keep. Unfortunately, mine is a very active intense and physical job in the medical industry, there is no time for slowing down. 

This was why, along with my partners, we created Bella Sante' Health. With our team of medical professionals and scientists, we have worked hard to create a high quality, natural alternative to the plethora of harmful drugs being readily dispersed. With our CBD products, I am so proud to be able to offer others an alternative medicine that not only is natural and helps myself, but can help others as my pets as well.

By telling my story I hope to help others in some small way even if it just touches one person it’s worth it. I know I have truly been blessed with our CBD products and CBD oil, and I encourage you to look for help with your own medical issues by trying our pure, high quality tested products. I have no doubt CBD will make you whole again with the ability to live your life with less pain! Love life, be active and never give in!

Lynne Hernandez, Owner