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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Sculpting tool - Bella Sante' CBD Beauty & Wellness
Rose Quartz Gua Sha Sculpting tool - Bella Sante' CBD Beauty & Wellness

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Sculpting Tool | Self care for the face | At home facial

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Product Information: This Rose Quartz facial sculpting tool is designed to provide a stimulating facial workout of your skin.

Why will you love it: Our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Crystal was designed specifically to help improve circulation and stimulate the facial tissue. It helps to smooth out the skin helping improve the appearance of tighter, smoother and firmer skin. Each tool is sculpted uniquely and may vary slightly in color ever so slightly in size. Made from Rose Quartz, the stone promotes self love and healing and helps to ease stress as well as tension in the face. This stone may also be utilized on the legs to help ease swelling and edema caused by a variant of medical issues.

How To Use: Start with clean dry skin. For the face first add our Green Tea and Aloe salve. Rub in until you feel the crystals warm and melt into the skin. Warm the tool with your hands.

*Forehead: Start at the center of your face on the forehead and divide your forehead into the separate sections and glide the tool outward. scrape once with light pressure and follow with you other hand rubbing in the same area. Then move down slightly and do the next section until the area is completed.

*Jawline and chin: Gide the tool with light strokes from the center of the chin out towards the earlobe to contour the jawline following with your other hand.

*Cheek: Starting at the nose, work upward in a swooping motion along the cheeks and cheekbones, moving outward toward the ear. With each pass follow with your other hand. Scrape once then move down a bit and scrape again.

*Brows: Glide upward along the brow bone, going from the inside out.

*Under Eye: Start in the inner corner of the eye and glide outward toward the temple to get rid of your under eye bags. Note: Be super gentle in this area.With each pass follow it with your other hand.

*Neck: Section out your neck into four separate areas and scrape each section from the bottom upward moving for 4-5 strokes per section with each pass follow with your other hand.

*Lips: Glide over lips in a back and forth motion 6-7 times to plump out that pout.

*Legs: For the swelling of legs and feet start just below the knee and scrape in a downward direction. To help further reduce swelling you can put the Gua Sha tool in ice water first. Run down the leg and feet towards the toes until you have gone around the entire leg and foot. do this several times. after you are done scraping apply our Cocoa Cooling Mint cream to help heal and drastically reduce swelling. leave cooling mint to soak in after each use. For extreme cases do this daily.

Ingredients: Rose Quartz Crystal, fragrance free.