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Water Soluble CBD.
Water Soluble CBD.

Water Soluble CBD

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Formulated to absorb quicker and more efficiently, these water-soluble drops are flavorless and can be infused into any beverage, allowing you to choose your “flavor” every day!

0.5 fl oz (15mL) dropper bottle. 1 bottle contains 420 drops of product.

Available in 500 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg
NOTE: 1500mg water soluble is comparable to using 3000mg oil based product

To understand the dose per drop, use the amount of CBD you plan on using and divide that by 420 for the amount of drops and that will give you how much CBD you will get per drop. 

Example: 1500mg/420 = 3.57 mg CBD per drop.

Use five to seven drops in your favorite beverage twice daily (shake before use). You can even add this to your favorite alcoholic beverage and see how you feel.

99.9% Pure CBD Isolate, Distilled Water, Everclear, Polysorbate.

*We use 99.9% pure CBD isolate in all our products, see our testing sheet for more information.
**As with any product, talk with your doctor prior to use. Do NOT use if pregnant. Must be over the age of 21 to utilize our products. We do NOT guarantee that our products will cure any ailments.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review